Negotiation is a process that requires various steps to obtain the results that you would like to see. There are many negotiation techniques that can assist you in getting what you want, whether you’re trying to sell or buy something, or in an environment where you’re getting an offer of lower compensation than you had hoped for. The first step is to understand the basics of negotiation such as how to plan and the concepts such as ZOPA (zero option plan of action) and BATNA (best alternative to the negotiated agreement).

In any negotiation, leverage is crucial. You must be aware of what you could take away and the other person’s limitations. Empathizing with the other party’s viewpoint and sharing your own perception is the best way to gain influence. Anchoring is another strategy that you can employ to establish a reference early in the process. This will force the other party to focus on the lowest price range of yours and makes them more willing to sign a contract.

The ultimate goal of negotiations is to create value for both parties involved. This is accomplished by showing the other party how their needs will be met. In most cases, both parties will feel they’ve achieved something positive from the negotiation, and that their views were taken consideration. Understanding the basics of negotiation will allow you to have the confidence to face any situation with confidence and make deals that are mutually advantageous.

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