How we operate


Lets connect (30 minutes)

We love to know you, how you build your business and what you are looking for, to be best able to help you and us


Preliminary offer (2 days)

We provide feedback within 48 hours including a preliminary offer


Letter of Intent and Diligence (2 weeks)

We provide a formal letter of intent, escrow an agreed upon deposit, and deep dive into diligencing your business. At end of diligence we make a formal offer based on learnings from the diligence as well as based on mutual understanding


Closing (2 weeks)

Upon acceptance of the offer we create and execute all documents. Typically it takes 2 weeks to close the transaction and for you to get paid.Transition of accounts and all assets depends upon complexity of business

Visual to shows the following – 100s of SKUs coming from left – center vertically integrated platform (marketing, supply chain, merchandising, logistics, manufacturing) – outcome RHS – brands at scale


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